2010 Club Self -Assessment

1. General Information. Please include Club name and Contact information if you would like to be entered into the prize drawing or to receive ranking results.
2. Club Administration
Do partners receive IRS Form K-1 by March 15?
Does the club verify that the club's tax return was filed on time?
Is an verification of the financial records a quarterly event?
Do partners get a Valuation Statement at each meeting (or has online access via bivio or Iclub Online Accounting?
Do partners get a Member Status Report at each meeting (or has online access via bivio or Iclub Online Accounting)?
Does at least one partner other than the one who prepares the club's monthly financial reports reconcile the club's cash and security holdings with the club's brokerage and bank statements?
3. Club Administration
YesNoDon't Know
Do you use a unit-based accounting system?
Does your club keep it's financial records using one of the available commercial software tools designed for that purpose (bivio.com, myiclub.com or Club Accounting 3.)?
Does anyone besides the Treasurer have copies (whether of computer disks or manual records) of your club's financial records?
4. Chapter Administration
90% or higher: 80% to 89%60% to 79%40% to 59%less than 40%
How many of your partners are BetterInvesting/NAIC members?
On average, how many partners attend club meetings?
5. Club Administration
Monthly or moreBimonthlyQuarterlyLess Frequently
What is the frequency of club meetings? (choose one closest to your club's frequency)
6. Club Administration
Does your club have a written mission statement?
Does the club have a written record of its purchases?
Does the club have a written record of its reasons for each purchase?
Does the club have a written record of its sales?
Does the club have a written record of its reasons for each sale?
Does your club rotate the club officer positions (especially Treasurer) on a regular basis?
Does your club divide the the job of Treasurer amont two treasurers (co-treasurers)?
Is any partner responsible for presiding over the club meeting?
Do club meetings follow an agenda?
Is the agenda followed and usually completed by the end of the meeting?
7. Club Administration
Before the meetingAt the meetingPre-establishedN/A (no agenda)
When is the agenda distributed to the partners?
8. Club Administration: Does your club have language in your partnership agreement, bylaws or other written policies or procedures to cover the following situations:
Non-participating partners
Payoff of departing members
Requirements for new partners
Partners who miss meetings
9. Club Administration
AlwaysSometimesInfrequently Never
How often are the procedures for non-participating partners followed:
How often are the procedures for partners who miss meetings followed:
10. Club Administration
Yes or At Max SizeNo or Need New Members
Does your club have a plan for attracting new partners?
11. Club Investing Techniques
90% to 100%80% to 89%70% to 79%60% to 69%50% to 59%40% to 49%Less than 40%
How many of your partners know how to complete a Stock Selection Guide?
12. Club Investing Techniques
75% to 100%50% to 74%25% to 40%Less than 24%
How many partners do an SSG presentation at least once a year?
13. Club Investing Techniques
How frequently does your club use the SSG to evaluate a stock prior to a purchase decision?
How often does your club consider the "other 20%" before purchasing a stock? The "other 20%" is considered research beyond what is found on the SSG and includes things like analyzing financial statements, reading company's annual report, reading analyst reports (e.g., ValueLine, Morningstar, S&P Reports, etc.), reading current news on the company, etc.?
14. Club Investing Techniques
AlwaysSometimesInfrequentlyNeverDon't know what this is
Does your club use the Stock Comparison Guide in purchase decisions?
Does your club analyze PERT Worksheet "A" before purchasing a stock?
Does your club use PERT Worksheet "A" as a portfolio management tool (i.e., after purchase of a stock)?
Does your club use the Portfolio Management Guide (PMG) report?
When analyzing a stock for possible purchase, does your club make an attempt to identify and/or calculate certain averages, such as historical growth rates, Pre-Tax Profit Margin and Return on Equity, for the industry in which the company competes?
Does your club use the Challenge Tree or some other systematic approach to evaluate replacing existing holdings with better holdings?
15. Club Investing Techniques
75% to 100%50% to 75%Less than 49%
How many of your partners have computers?
How many of your partners have access to the Internet?
How many of your partners own SSG software or access to the BetterInvesting Online SSG tool?
16. Club Investing Techniques
Is the Portfolio Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)report prepared for meetings?
Is the Portfolio Trend Report prepared for meetings?
Does your club prepare a report that groups its portfolio by size and monitor company size diversification?
Does the club prepare a report that groups its portfolio by industry and monitor industry diversification in the portfolio?
17. Club Investing Techniques
Does your club have trouble deciding when to sell a stock?
Does your club hold on to stocks too long?
Does your club sell stocks too quickly?
18. Club Investing Techniques
Does your club keep a list of potential stocks to purchase (e.g., Stock Watch List or Pounce Pile)?
Does your club have Stock Watchers assigned to each company owned by the club?
Does your club have a Stock Watcher form to ensure consistency of reports by Stock Watchers?
Does your club have a schedule to review stocks held at least once a quarter?
19. Club Education
Is one of your partners responsible for club education?
Does your club use a projector at meetings to assist with education?
20. Club Education
How often does your club have educational presentations?
21. Club Education
12 or more months in advance6 to 11 months in advance2 to 5 months in advance1 month in advanceWe decide at the meetingNo education plan
Does your club prepare an education plan?
22. Club Education
More than once last yearOnce within the last yearWithin the past 2-3 yearsMore than 3 years agoNever
Has your club used (or reviewed after first use) any BetterInvesting/NAIC self-study materials such as the green Introduction to the Stock Selection Guide handbook, BetterInvesting magazine articles, etc.?
23. Club Education
Do your partners mentor new members to bring them up to date?
Do your members engage in club assigned study assignments or independent study of investment topics that are discussed in subsequent meetings?
Does your club have an annual retreat?
24. Club Education
50% to 100%25% to 49%Less than 25%
Within the past three years, how many of your partners have attended a class taught by the local BetterInvesting/NAIC chapter or satellite; a class taught by one or more partners from another investment club; or a class taught by a partner from your own club held at a time other than the regular club meeting?
How many partners read at least one article every month in the BetterInvesting magazine?
25. Club Education
25% to 100%10% to 24%Less than 10%
How many partners have attended an investors fair or a business-oriented gathering of multiple investment clubs within the past three years?
How many partners have attended a national education event by BetterInvesting/NAIC event or other organization within the past three years?
How many club members have attended a live national Online Stock to Study or listened to at least one recording in the last year?
How many club members have read at least one First Cut Stock Study from the BetterInvesting Website?
How many partners subscribe to the BetterInvesting Discusions List (formerly I-Club-List) or participate in the Investing for Growth Compuserve Forum (see http://biwiki.editme.com/FutherResources)?
How many club members monitor the BI Club Treasurers on-line discussion group (see http://biwidi.editme.com/ClubTreasurers)?
How many partners subscribe to other investing services (StockCentral, Manifest Investing, Motley Fools, etc.)?
How many partners volunteer in other ways, such as helping other clubs in person or in online forums?
26. Social/Fun
We're all business, no social or fun.A good balance of business and social.Too much focus on social; not enough business and learning.
Which statement best describes your club:
27. Social/Fun
Does your club have seperate social time scheduled before or after each meeting?
Does your club have at least one social event each year (without any or minimal business?)?
Does your club have a stock game (friendly competition with play money to see whose stock picks perform the best over a 1-year period)?
Do you have some fun in each meeting?
28. Is there anything you'd like to share with the Chapter not addressed on this survey? Is there something your club is struggling with? Is there something your club does particularly well?
29. Puget Sound Chapter offers each BetterInvesting club one free club visit per calendar year. Would your club like to be contacted for a club visit? (If "Yes", be sure contact information is included at the beginning of survey.)
30. Who answered the survey questions?
31. If your club completed the survey in 2009, please describe how the survey helped your club or what specific actions you took based on the survey.
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