Opinions on Touch Screen Interfaces with Sensory Feedback

A system where the user touches an Android touchscreen device, using specific gestures, and then visual responses appear on the computer monitor and audio responses are played. Both visual and audio responses will differ depending on touch.
1. Are you male or female?
2. What is your age?
3. Do you own an Android tablet or smartphone?
4. Which touch response would you prefer to have on an interactive app? (1 is highest)
Visual Feedback
Vibration Feedback
Audio Feedback
5. Which features would you value more for the PC display of the touch locations? (1 is highest)
Higher quality graphics
Lots of graphics options
Higher quality audio
Lots of audio options
Extra features, such as symmetry
6. Which extra features would add to the enjoyment of the software the most? (1 is highest)
Changeable colours and sizes
Different instrument options
Be able to save your graphics
7. Which would you prefer for audio feedback? (1 is highest)
Bass Guitar
8. When drawing graphics, how would you like them to be presented?
9. When playing audio, which would create a better experience?
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