Hubble Space Telescope

1. Introduction & Degree Choice

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched nearly 20 years ago on April 24, 1990. The purpose of this survey is to explore what role the Hubble Space Telescope played in inspiring individuals to pursue educational degrees and professional careers in science and/or astronomy.

The first page focuses on degree choice, the second page focuses on career choice, and the rest of the questions are about demographics.

We anticipate that it will take less than 10 minutes for you to complete this survey. Thanks for your time!

Kevin Marvel, Executive Officer
1. What role did the Hubble Space Telescope’s science, as reported through the media or other sources, have in inspiring you to pursue a degree in science and/or astronomy?
2. Please comment on the role that the Hubble Space Telescope played in inspiring you to pursue a scientific or technical degree.
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