Reinstein Woods Spring 2012 Program Survey

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1. Please choose the Spring Program attended from the drop down box:
NOTE: If you attended more than one program, please go back to this survey again when done and fill out another survey for each program attended.
2. Is this the first public program you have attended?
3. Did the weather conditions adversely impact this program?
4. Please rate the program attended:
ExcellentGoodFairNeeds ImprovementN/A
Subject of Program
Walking Distance
Time of Day
Tour Guide / Presenter
Registration Process
5. Would you come to this program if offered again?
6. Would you recommend us to a friend?
7. What other programs would you like to see offered at Reinstein Woods?
8. How did you find out about this program?
9. Please choose an answer below for our self-guided trail system:
Do you walk the trails?
Do you walk in the morning?
Do you walk in the afternoon?
Do you walk in the evening(before sunset)?
Do you like the trail markers/signs?
Would you like more trails open?
10. Please fill in your city/town, state, and zip code to better understand where are audience is coming from.

Fill in your e-mail address and we will enter you in a drawing to receive a FREE Friends of Reinstein Nature Preserve(FORNP) Membership for 1 Year(drawings held each season). Thank You
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