Computer Science Fall 2014 Course Requests

1. Enter your first and last name.
2. Enter your CSUN student id.
3. Enter your email address.
4. Have you filed with the Admissions and Records Office for a January 2015 or May 2015 graduation?
5. Registration wait listing currently does not work for linked lecture/lab courses such as COMP 110/L and CIT 160/L. This questionnaire is not a formal wait list for a COMP or CIT lecture/lab course but it does provide information to the department chair regarding who wishes to add. Students who complete this survey will receive early notification of plans to open new lecture/lab sessions. (Skip this question if your need is not one of the listed lecture/lab courses.)

What COMP or CIT lecture/lab course do you wish to enroll in?
Lecture/Lab Course
6. Why do you need to take this particular COMP or CIT lecture/lab course in fall 2014? (Skip this question if you did not select a lecture/lab course in the previous question.)
7. If your request is not about a COMP or CIT lecture/lab course, state in this box the nature of your request. For lecture-only courses, it is critical that you register your need on the appropriate SOLAR wait list; this form is NOT a substitute for SOLAR waitlists.
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