ACF Member Survey 2010

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1. What gender are you?
2. What is your age?
3. How many years have you been in the food-related industry?
4. What is your primary job position where you currently work?
5. Which category best describes your establishment?
6. Where in the United States is your establishment located?
7. Rate the reasons you would offer vegetarian dishes in your establishment:
Customer demand
Plate cost
Health benefits (i.e. reduces risk of heart disease, strokes, and cancers)
Support local farmers
Vegetarian dishes are environmentally friendly
8. With regards to children's menus, which actions have you taken this past year?
9. In regards to the Culinary Nutrition News pieces located on the ACF website homepage:
Do you read the monthly articles?
Do you read the "Ingredients in the News" pieces?
10. Have the following examples of Culinary Nutrition News articles and ingredient pieces provided you with useful information?
NoSomewhatMostlyThoroughlyDid not read
Fiber Rich (July 09)
Diabetic Menu Makeover (Dec 09)
Pass the Omega-3s, Please (May 10)
Organic, Natural, Local and Sustainable: Trends or Mainstays? (Sept 10)
11. Did the following culinary nutrition and refresher sessions at the 2010 ACF conference provide useful information?
NoSomewhatMostlyThoroughlyDid not attend
Balancing the Plate from a Less Is More Perspective
Incorporating Fiber
Nutrition and the 'Baby Boomer' Generation Customers
Healthful Cooking and Nutritional Ingredient Substitutions
12. Chefs have indicated they would like more information on the following topics. If we provide sessions on these topics, at what level of complexity should we present the subject?
Kids Menus
Portions vs Calories
13. Rate (1 low; 5 high importance) how each of the following factors limits the feasibility of placing healthy items on menus
Need for specific staff skills and training
High labor costs
Limited ingredient availability
High ingredient cost
Short ingredient shelf life
Consumer Demand
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