Position Description Survey

Position Description Survey - Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 17

This survey is intended for your CSUEU representatives to determine if the campus is in compliance with contract articles pertaining to Position Descriptions. Information you provide will remain anonymous and confidential. Some statistics may be used in the event the need arises to enforce any Collective Bargaining Agreement violations we may encounter.
1. What is the date of your most recent Position Description?
2. Are the tasks identified on your most recent Position Description consistent with the Classification Standards of your position? (Article 17.9)
3. Who wrote your most recent Position Description?
4. Were you given a final, signed copy of your most recent Position Description? (Article 17.9)
5. Were changes made to your most recent Position Description AFTER you and your supervisor signed it by someone other than you or your supervisor?
6. If changes were made to your Position Description after you and your supervisor signed it, were the changes outlined and reviewed with you in detail?
7. Within the past 12 months has there been an increase of duties or significant changes to your job resulting in the need for a revised Position Description?
8. If you answered yes to the question above, did your supervisor acknowledge your request and provide a new position description within 30 days of your request?
9. Some employees fear retaliation if they ask their supervisors for an updated Position Description and take on new tasks and/or assignments without pushing the issue. Do you feel this way?
10. Please provide any other input, comments or questions regarding the Position Description process here.
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