Parks and Rec User Survey

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1. Do you currently live in Connell?
2. What is your age?
3. What is your ethnicity?
4. How do you receive information about Connell’s Park facilities and Recreation programs?
5. How often do you or members of your household visit or use the Parks and Recreation facilities listed below?
DailySeveral times per weekOnce per weekSeveral times per monthOnce per monthOnce or twice per yearRarely or never
Connell Pool & Water Park
Community Center Park
Pioneer Park
Clark Street Park
Striker Park
Old Town Park
Dick Johnson Memorial Tennis Court
Well #4 Park
Walking/Bike Path
Connell Heritage Museum
Centennial Disc Golf Course
6. How would you rate the quality and maintenance of the City’s park facilities?

7. How would you rate your satisfaction with Connell’s Recreation programs?
8. Of the following, select your top three priorities for Connell Parks & Recreation facilities and programs:
Pool ImprovementsWalking/Bike TrailsSoccer FieldsGardens/ArboretumSculptures/ArtBasketball CourtsSpray/Fountain Water ParkCommunity Center ImprovementsGolf FacilitiesReplace playground equipment
9. Select the recreation programs you would be most likely to participate in:
10. Would you be willing to pay higher taxes for park improvements?If so, how much more would you be willing to pay per year?
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