Priority Ranking and Citizen Comment Survey


Housing and Community Development Survey

This form is provided for persons who desire to make written comments on the Consolidated Plan priorities, potential use of HUD funds for the upcoming year. This is not an application for funds. Comments regarding funding of projects will be forwarded to the appropriate service provider prior to submission of their applications for funding. A summary of all comments received will be included with applications submitted to City Council for their review. Please complete only one survey per person.

All completed forms must be received in the Grants Management Office located at 800 Main St, Garland, TX 75040 no later than Friday, February 8, 2013. The form may be faxed to Elaine Emmert, Grants Management Office, (972) 205-2149.
2. What priority should the City of Garland give to the following housing needs?
HighMediumLowNo Opinion
New Construction of Owner Occupied Housing
Rent Assistance
Homebuyer Assistance
Homeowner Rehabilitation/Repairs
Veterans Housing services
Fair Housing/Tenants Rights Programs
Support for Homeless Shelters
Re-house Homeless
3. What Priority should the City of Garland give to Neighborhood Revitalization activities?
HighMediumLowNo Opinion
Code Enforcement
Neighborhood Beautification Projects
Slum and Blight Removal
4. What priority should the City of Garland give to Infrastructure Improvements?
HighMediumLowNo Opinion
Flood Drainage Improvements
Curb and Gutter Improvements
Water/Sewer Improvements
Sidewalk Improvements
Street Improvements
5. What priority should the City of Garland give to the following Public Services?
HighMediumLowNo Opinion
Abused/Neglected Children Services
Child Care
Summer Youth Programs
Youth Programs (after school)
Domestic Violence Prevention Services
Health Services
Legal Services
Mental Health Services
Substance Abuse Intervention Programs
Homelessness Prevention Programs
Services for Special Needs Population
Services for Seniors
6. What priority should the City of Garland give to Economic Development?
HighMediumLowNo Opinion
Job skills training
Employment Enhancing Training
Small Business Lending
Small Business Counseling
Revitalizing Commercial Centers
Historic Preservation
7. Additional Comments or Specific locations for suggested Activities.
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