ISG's Vote, Like and Win!

ISG's Vote, Like & Win!

We had a lot of fun creating the bios on our web site and thought it'd be fun to create a contest where you got to vote on which you like most (and tell us why)!

The three things you need to do qualify to win our contest are:

1) Read our bios at:
2) Vote on your favorite bio, and tell us why you like it (below).
3) Be a fan of our Facebook Page, simply go to: and click "Like!"

First thing Wednesday, November 23rd, we're going to randomly draw three names from our Facebook Page, if you're drawn, and have answered the questions below - you're qualified to win!

Grand Prize - A Brand New iPad (32GB, your choice of color!)
First Prize - An iPod Touch (8GB) or Kindle Fire (your choice!)
Second Prize - A $100 Amazon Gift Certificate!

Thank you so much for participating in our "Vote, Like & Win!" contest! :)
1. Which ISG bio is your favorite?
2. Why is the bio you chose your favorite?
3. What's your name, and how would you like to be notified you won (please provide your email or phone number)?
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