Winter Break 2013

1. Are you staying in Riverview, SBA, or Southside over Winter Break 2013?


Only a host can fill out this survey. If you live in Riverview, SBA, or Southside you can host a guest. If you live anywhere else, please ask your host to fill out this survey for you.

Riverview, SBA, and Southside residence halls remain open over winter break each year. However, your IDs will be turned off if you don't register to stay.

If you are allowing a guest to stay in your room, please have that information ready.

As a reminder, you can't stay in someone's room without their permission (roommates too) and your guest has to be a current UR student with a housing contract (off-campus and commuter students prohibited). No cheating!

Res Life will not be providing keys for break stay guests, it is up to the stay-er to broker any key-lending from you. All guests must also have a current housing contract. Off-Campus students are prohibited from staying in the residence halls during winter break.

In order to provide an adequate Public Safety (Security) presence and also address the travel plans of residents like yourself, please fill out the following information to the best of your ability. This information is due December 20th!

If you have any questions, are struggling with completing the survey, or feel that your plans do not align with what this survey requests, please call the Area Office which best represents the location for which you are trying to stay.

Southside/Riverview Area Office: 585-275-5685
SBA Area Office: 585-275-8764

Thanks and have a great break!

1. Did you read the instructions above?
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