WeeWorld Needs You

Before you registered.......

1. What did you think WeeWorld would be like?
AbsolutelyMaybeDefinately not
a social network?
a chat community?
a virtual world?
a blog community?
a place to dress weemees?
a place to create my world?
a place to create weemees?
a place to make new friends?
a game?
2. What else do you do on online?
Do this lotsSometimesDon't use this
Chat communities like Line or Kik?
Blog community like Tumblr?
Use photosharing services like Instagram or Pinterest?
Social networks like Facebook or Google+ or Twitter?
Virtual Worlds like Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters?
Multiplayer games like Minecraft?
Watch videos on Youtube or Vimeo?
Dress up sites like Stardoll?
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