Personal Training Survey

1. Have you ever worked with a personal fitness trainer before?
2. How often do you exercise?
3. What is the least you would expect to pay for a 45 minute session of personal training?
4. What is the most you would be willing to pay per 45 minute workout session?
5. What is your biggest concern about working with a trainer?
6. Where is your preferred location to workout?
7. Rank the objectives below in order of how important they are for you. 1 is very important, 6 is not at all.
fat loss
gain muscle and get toned
increased energy
improved ability for a specific activity or sport
nutrition counseling
8. What is the biggest benefit to working with a trainer?
9. How important is it that a trainer looks like they are in good shape?
10. Please rank how much the following side services appeal to you
healthy fridge makeover
purge pantry of unhealthy food
help with shopping for healthier food choices
group activities and classes
Healthy menus and recipes
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