1. Transportation and You

Together we've pressured Congress to invest in the 21st century transportation system America needs. We've stood up for mass transit. And we've fought back when legislators tried to chop funding for initiatives like high-speed rail and infrastructure that makes our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Thank you for being a part of our work in 2009!

Now, with the New Year fast approaching, we're gearing up to make 2010 a game-changing year. And as we put the final touches on our strategy, we want to know what you think.

Tell us your opinion, and help refine our priorities in 2010, by taking our quick survey before December 31.
1. Please rate how strongly you feel about the following issues relating to transportation policy:
Not important to meSomewhat important to meVery important to meExtremely important to meI don't know enough about this topic to judge
Expanding routes for subway and bus systems
Designing livable communities to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians
Repairing run-down roads and bridges
Reducing urban sprawl
Building an extensive high-speed rail network
Ensuring access to public transit for at-risk people and communities
Developing cleaner transportation alternatives
Making transportation funding more transparent
Improving safety on subway and bus systems
2. How do you normally get to work or school? (Select up to 2 answers)
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