January Career Guide

1. NSNA Imprint Career Planning Guide

For the first time ever, to support NSNA's "green" initiative, the NSNA Imprint 2010 Career Planning Guide was published on-line only. The NSNA Board of Directors is eager to hear what NSNA members liked or did not like about receiving the Guide on-line. We sincerely appreciate your participation in this confidential survey. Link to the Career Planning Guide:
1. Did you receive the 2010 Imprint Career Planning Guide (Guide)link via e-mail?
2. If you did receive the link to the Guide, did you open the link?
3. When you opened the Guide, did you:
4. If you read the Guide online, please rate the following:
Agree CompletelyAgree SomewhatAgreeDo Not AgreeN/A
Navigation was easy
I liked the format for the publication
I found the articles to be relevant
I was able to share with others
I found advertisements relevant
5. If you did not read the Guide, please let us know why (answer all that apply)
6. Which method of delivery for Imprint do you prefer?
7. Please rate the columns that appeared in the 2010 Guide.
ExcellentGoodFairPoorDid not read
Write On
Membership Benefits & Highlights
Running for NSNA Office
Happenings Column
Foundation of NSNA News
MidYear Conference Highlights
Annual Convention Preview
8. Please rate the following Career Planning Guide and Features.
ExcellentGoodFairPoorDid not read
Career Opportunity Profile--Renown Health
Career Center List--nursing positions available
Nursing Organizations List
Is the Clinical Nurse Leader Role for You?
The World of Occupational Health Nursing
A Career in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing
Your Future Career as a Nurse Educator
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing from a Student Perspective
Child Life Specialists and Nurses Working Together
9. What topics would you like to see in future issues of Imprint? (answer all that apply)
10. Of the following advertisements, please indicate the action that you took on the advertisement
Contacted advertiser right awayI will contact advertiser in the futureI remember reading this ad but took no actionDo not recall seeing this ad
NSO (Nurses Professional Liability Insurance)
NCLEX-RN Review Book published by Delmar Cengage Learning
UCLA Health System
US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
NCSBN Learning Extension
NSNA pin order form
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
Vantine Imaging
Saint Mary's Hospital
Vanderbilt School of Nursing
NSNA Project InTouch Recruiter
Renown Health
Bank of America
Barnes & Noble
Drexel NCLEX EXCEL Review
11. Please indicate which nursing career choices you would like more information about (select up to 3 choices)
12. Please add any other comments you have about the 2010 Imprint Career Planning Guide.
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