Student Program of the Year


1. Your Name:
2. Your Class Year (if applicable):
3. Your Position on Campus (if applicable):
4. Your E-mail:
5. Name or Short Description of Program You Are Nominating:
6. Name(s) of Individuals Associated with This Program (so that we can contact them if the program is selected):
7. This award acknowledges a program initiated, created and run by students that had a positive impact on the Dickinson College Community. Whether inherently social or educational in nature, the winning program shall enhance the ideals of the college in one or more of the following areas:

-Diversity – diverse in perspective or exhibiting multiculturalism, inclusiveness
-Communication -speaking up/speaking out in support of a campus or community issue
-Global sensibility – raising awareness of our place in the global society
-Sustainability – preservation of our environment
-Search for the truth –accountability; knowledge acquisition
-Adaptability to change – forward thinking, creativeness
-Living in community with others – citizenship

Please describe using specific details how this program enhanced one or more of the following ideals listed above and why the program is deserving of this award.

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