Titan 2012

Titan 2012 Development Survey

Conway Security Products has been manufacturing CCTV products for over 25 years. During that time we have seen technology develop massively and customer expectations change and evolve. We are undertaking a new development program for a successor to the Titan series domes.
Your input can help shape its future...
Integrated Dome
Image as described above
1. When you consider an integrated dome what features do you like or consider important?
Not importantQuite importantVery importantCriticalN/A
Speed of installation
Vandal resistance
IP versions
Low cost of ownership
Energy efficiency
Traditional Pan and Tilt Solution
Image as described above
2. When you consider a traditional pan, tilt, zoom assembly what features do you like or consider important?
Not imporantQuite importantVery importantCriticalN/A
Choice of camera and zoom lens
High quality image
Long range IR performance
Proven performance record
Compliance with customer specifications
3. Based on your answers above do you have an overall preference for your perimeter CCTV solution?
4. If you were considering a NEW fully functional camera for perimeter CCTV applications, what features do you consider to be important (or desirable) to you and your client?
Not importantQuite importantVery importantCriticalN/A
Privacy zones
Alarm handling
Multi-protocol support (IP or analogue)
ANPR system compatibility
Choice of camera manufacturer
Video analytics
Models with thermal imaging
Models with ATEX rating
Ancillary functions such as washers
Service back-up/warranty
5. Who has the final decision in what product will be used in your applications?
(Multiple answers are fine)
6. Which option best describes your role in the CCTV system delivery?
(Multiple answers are fine)
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