DIY Doctor DIY Tasks Survey

The sad news is Auntie Mavis and Uncle Jim have passed away in a freak accident on their tandem.

The good news is you inherited their house

The bad news is it is overgrown, dilapidated and in a very poor condition throughout.

We want to know what your reaction would be if this fictitious situation was real.

By completing this short survey you have a chance to win 1 of 2 complete tool kits and a years free advertising (subject to conditions).
1. So (lets say that) the terms of the will state that you have to offer to do as many jobs from the choices below as you feel confident to do.

Tick the box next to any job that you feel you could tackle.
2. Now lets say that the will states that you have to pick 12 jobs that you must tackle.

From the list below, please make 12 choices and rank them in order of confidence (1 being confident to tackle, 12 being less confident, but would give it a go)
Plastering / Rendering
Concreting / Screeding
Plumbing (not gas fitting)
Electrical Work (on existing circuits only & excluding kitchen or bathroom work)
Central Heating (not gas or electrical)
Double Glazing
Patio Laying
Carpet & Lino Laying
Loft Insulation Installation
Ceramic Tiling (wall)
Quarry or Other Tiling (floor)
Damp Proofing
Burglar Alarm Fitting
Kitchen Fitting
Wooden Worktop Fitting
3. Full Name
4. Address
5. Email Address
Thank you very much for taking time to fill in this short survey.

Your answers will help us keep DIY Doctor relevant and useful to our users.

And can we just say how sorry we are about Mavis and Jim - at least they went doing something they loved.

Thank you.
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