River Cats Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012

1. How many River Cats games did you attend this season?
2. I am a
3. If you do not currently have a ticket package, have you ever considered purchasing one?
4. Where do you get most of your information about the River Cats games and promotions?
5. Which television station do you mainly get your local news from?
6. Which radio station do you most frequently listen to?
7. Do you subscribe to the Sacramento Bee?
8. What do you enjoy most about coming to River Cats games? (Please check all that apply)
9. What prevents you from attending more games? (Please check up to three answers)
10. Are you usually aware of special promotions or theme nights before attending a game?
11. Which of the following promotions would cause you to attend a game? (Please check all that apply)
12. Are you more likely to attend a game if it is against the Reno Aces or Fresno Grizzlies?
13. Between innings, the River Cats have 90 second on-field entertainment. Please rate the following:
I enjoy it - fun to watchCan take it or leave itI don't care for thisI haven't seen this
Roof Man
Dancing on the Dugout
Heads of State Race (California Governors)
Supercuts Super Catch - fan catching balls in outfield for prizes.
Groove Crew - dancing grounds crew
Hot Dog Cannon - hot dogs being fired into crowd
K Man - coupons for opposing team strikeouts
Dinger Follow the Leader
Capitol Corridor Lucky Winner - tickets and train ride to A's game
14. How often do you visit the team store, The On Deck Shop, when you come to a River Cats game?
15. Do you do business with these companies or enjoy the following products:

I always do business with or purchase goods from this company/business/storeI sometimes do business with or purchase goods from this company/business/storeI have never done business with or purchased goods from this company/business/store
Coca Cola
US Bank
Sutter Health
Jiffy Lube
Roseville Automall
Round Table Pizza
Bell Bros.
The Golden 1
Raley’s or Bel Air
Premier Access Dental
Les Schwab Tires
California Family Fitness
16. Please give us your opinion of the following concession items.
ExcellentGoodAverageNeeds ImprovementTerrible
Hot Dog
Sliders (from Beer Garden)
Kinder's BBQ Beef Sandwich
17. How would you rate the service you receive at a River Cats game?
Team Store
18. Please select your age category.
19. How many children live in your home?
20. Please provide any other suggestions that could improve your overall experience at Raley Field.
21. Thank you for your opinions. We really value your feedback. If you would like to add your name and contact information for us to follow up with you on your answers, please do so. However, this is entirely optional.
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