Girls Get IT Application

1. Please fill out the following.
2. Please fill out the following information of your parent.
3. Please provide an emergency contact.
4. What grade will you be in this coming year?
5. What school will you be attending this coming year?
6. Which Camp will you be able to attend?
(0 for unable to attend that week 1 for first choice 2 for second choice)
Please select an option
July 9th - July 13th
July 16th -July 20th
7. Rate your knowledge or participation from 0 (I have never heard of it) to 5 (I am the master):
FLL Team
FTC Team
FRC Team
Science Bowl
8. Why do you want to go to this camp?
from 0 (being does not apply to me) to 5 (most definitely)
Attending with a friend
Have Fun!
Learn more about Technology
Learn more about Robotics
Learn more about Sciences
Gain experiences in Science Technology Engineering and Math
Discover engineering in a pressure free environment (without boys)
9. What do you hope to gain from this experience?
from 0 (being does not apply to me) to 5 (most definitely)
Have Fun!
Positive experiences with technology
Technical skills
Meet professional women in technology and engineering
Meet other girls interested in science technology engineering or math
10. How do YOU think engineering is important in everyday life?
from 0 (being not at all) to 5 (most definitely)
Helps solve everyday problems
Improves communication
Makes our lives better
Helps us to use resources more wisely
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