Signing Agent Communication Issues

A consistent problematic issue for signing agents is communications breakdowns with lenders or signing services. If you’ve had problems with reaching lenders during a signing, we’d like to hear about your experience.
1. Have you ever had to contact a lender or signing service during a signing for any of the following reasons (Check all that apply):
2. Have you ever had issues getting in touch with a lender or signing service during a loan document signing?
3. If you answered ‘Yes’ to Question #2, how often have you encountered communication issues with a lender or signing service?
4. If you answered ‘Yes’ to Question#2, what is the biggest communication problem you’ve encountered during loan signings?
5. Do any lenders or signing services you work with provide an after-hours number you can contact for help for loan document signings after business hours or on weekends?
6. If you answered ‘Yes’ to Question #5, were you able to reach someone who could help you at the after-hours number?
7. What changes could lenders and signing service make to the way they communicate with Signing Agents that you feel would most help you during assignments?
8. OPTIONAL:(Optional) If you are interested in offering feedback or comments on this issue for an upcoming NNA magazine article, please fill out the following information:
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