1. Consulting Request

Thank you for your interest in consulting services through The Georgia Charter Schools Association. Consulting services covers a broad range of topics including:

* Ad-hoc training
* Ad-hoc Consulting
* Petition Review
* Mock Interviews
* Budget and Financial Review
* Grant Review
* Legal Consulting (offered through GCSA preferred vendor)
* Other

Consulting and Services rates can be found on the GCSA website at (services tab).

Upon completion of this request, a GCSA Director will contact you to discuss your specific needs and to schedule consulting services.
1. Please complete the contact information below:
2. Are you a GCSA member in good standing?
3. Please select the consulting services you are interested in GCSA providing. Select all that apply.
4. Please provide any additional information about your needs that will help us to determine the best resource to contact you for consulting services.
5. How will you be paying for your consulting services? Please note that you will not be charged until consulting services are completed.
6. If you are paying via credit card, please enter the card information below:
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