The proposed plan to further reduce the UK's armed forces

1. Are you male or female?
2. Do you believe it is important to have large armed forces?
3. Out of these options, put them in the order of what you think think should be given the largest budget, to the least. IN THE UK
welfare state
international aid
research into energy fo the future
armed forces
4. For the option you chose as your largest budget, why do you think this over the other options?
5. The current amount is 197,780 active personnel and 212, 460 regular reserve personel. Do you believe the current size of the armed forces is large enough?
6. Are you aware that there is proposed plan in the government to further reduce the armed forces budget and size?
7. Do you believe that if this is acted upon, it would have an impact on the security of this country?
8. If yes, how larger impact?
Very small impact23456789Huge impact
9. Recent conflicts the U.K have been involved in have 'not been our problem'
strongly disagree23456789strongly agree
10. Finially, do you like david cameron?
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