After School service - Exmouth

1. How useful would an after school service be to you?
2. Which days of the week and times would you need after school care?
2:35 - 5:005:00 - 7:007:00 - 10other
3. Would you use weekend time of after school care?
7:00 - 12:0012:00 - 5:005:00 - 10:00other
4. How many children, by age, would you have use the after school service?
1 child2 children3 children4 childrenother
0 - 2
2 - 4
4 - 6
6 - 12
5. What services would you like to have included at the after school service?
6. How much would you be willing to pay for an after school service?
Per hour
Per session
Per day
Per week
Per term
7. How do you think an after school service should be organised?
NeverMaybei'd like that
Not for Profit - funded & run by members and possibly some govt. grants
Private Company - Funded & run privately, maintenance, programs, staffing
Parents - Parent committee appointed to do everything or roster system
User pays per hour - pay for what you use on a casual basis
Set fees per term - pay for a term to secure a place
8. Who would you like to staff the after school service?
9. Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions for an after school care service?
10. Could you please notify anybody else that would be interested in After school care to fill this survey out ?
It really helps to be prepared and to try for possible funding if we have lots of information and input.
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