Solid Waste Management Satisfaction Survey

1. What is your zip code?
2. How do you dispose of your garbage?
3. Does your household recycle?
4. How do you recycle?
5. If you do recycle, how often are your recyclables taken away?
6. Have you been informed about recycling opportunities throughout Buncombe County?
7. Are you satisfied with recycling opportunities within Buncombe County?
8. What bothers you the most about current trash and recycling collection service in your community?
9. If you pay for recycling services, please check the most important aspects of the service.
10. If you take your garbage or recycling to the landfill or transfer station, is it because:
11. How far would you be willing to travel to dispose of your garbage or recyclables?
12. Would you like additional disposal options?
13. If yes, would you be willing to pay for additional options?
14. What method of communication would be most effective to provide info to you about solid waste and recycling programs?
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