End of Course Student Survey

1. Gender
2. Grade Level
3. Age
4. Learning Center
5. How long have you been enrolled with CSSD, Audeo or Mirus?
6. Name the specific course that was completed. Please ask your teacher if you do not know the specific name of the course.
7. I completed this courses in
8. On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) this course was interesting and engaging.
9. How much of the course were you able to successfully complete by yourself (without any help)?
10. This course incorporated a good amount of research and technology?
11. The final exam covered the majority of course material.
12. I prepared for the final exam by
13. I had to re-take the exam because I failed it the first time.
14. If I failed the exam it was because of the following reasons (check all that apply):
15. The greatest obstacle to completing this course was
16. Overall rate this course.
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