Customer Satisfaction Survey*

1. Victor Satisfaction Survey

Our goal at Victor is to provide you with exceptional service. Would you please take a moment to provide us with feedback regarding the services you received?
(Please check one for each question)
1. Please respond to the following:
2. What services did you receive?
3. Check One:
4. Check location for service delivery:
Victor Treatment CentersVictor Community Support ServicesNorth Valley Schools
5. Overall I am satisfied with the services I received from Victor.
6. The intake and assessment process was effective and efficient.
7. My questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner.
8. The program involved me in treatment/service planning.
9. The staff was professional and helpful.
10. Appointments and meetings were scheduled collaboratively.
11. Psychiatric/medication support services were available and appropriate.
12. The staff was respectful of my values and culture.
13. If I was to seek help again, I would use your program.
14. How long have you received services from our agency?
15. What other information would you like to share with us about your services?