2011 Ars Technica Experience

1. The Ars Experience Survey 2011

Our love for data is so great that we cannot resist asking for your opinions. Today we want to know more about how you feel about our reviews! ...and some other stuff!
1. How often do you visit Ars Technica, generally?
2. How long have you been reading Ars Technica?
3. Compared to when I started to read Ars Technica, the quality of the editorial content at Ars is:
4. If you've ever read the comments at Ars, tell us how you feel about them.
5. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about Ars Technica's product reviews (game reviews not included).
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly Agree
Ars reviews the tech products I'm most interested in.
Ars should review more tech products.
I consider Ars Reviews (non-gaming) to be highly authoritative.
After reading an Ars review, it's always clear where the author stands.
In general, I trust user-created reviews more than those of publications like Ars.
Reviews should always have video attached showing use.
If I read an Ars review, I read it all, even if its 10 pages!
I'd rather read a late review that's in-depth than one of the first reviews that's not in-depth.
I read and enjoy product reviews on/in WIRED (Magazine or website).
Only objective measurements interest me in a review (e.g., benchmarks, measurements, specs... NOT opinions).
6. Thinking about what we review (and don't) here at Ars, would you like to see More or Fewer reviews in the following areas:
Don't Bother!Fewer!Status QuoMore!Much more!
Apps (mobile: iOS, Android)
Desktop Computers
Gaming Hardware
Geeky Toys
Headsets (audio, BT, etc).
Home Networking
Media players (iPod, etc.)
Operating Systems
PC Hardware components
Software (Desktop)
7. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about the content on Ars Technica?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly Agree
Ars should cover more high-end IT (virtualization, cloud, blades, management, SaaS, etc.).
Ars should cover more of the business side of technology.
Ars should cover more start-up news.
Ars should cover more gadget news.
Ars should cover more medical tech.
8. Rate the following sites from 1-5, with 5 being "awesome" and 1 being "junk." If you don't know a site, don't rate it. This question is not required, but we'd love to know more about how you feel about other sites (note: the selection of sites is a tad random).
JunkBelow averageJust averageRather goodAwesome
Cult of Mac
The Register
Silicon Alley Insider
The Awl
9. Firefly or Earth: Final Conflict?
10. Any final comments to share?
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