Friends & Family Weekend 2012 Post-Assessment

1. Was this your first Friends & Family Weekend?
2. What year is the Stetson Hatter you are visiting?
3. Did the Friends & Family Weekend website contain enough adequate information for you to feel prepared for the weekend?
4. Please rate your satisfaction on the following:
Very UnsatisfiedSomewhat UnsatisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery SatisfiedN/A
Online Registration
Ease of check-in on arrival
Family Giveaways (Blanket, "Green" bag)
Schedule of events and other information provided
Helpfulness of Friends & Family Weekend staff
5. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the events of the weekend:
Very UnsatisfiedSomewhat UnsatisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery SatisfiedN/A
Open Houses
H.A.R.T Training for Parents
My Student Joined Greek Life, Now What? Presentation
Campus Tour
Faculty/Alumni Chamber Recital
Showing of Madagascar 3
President's "Jazz and Juice" Breakfast
Smithsonian Museum Day
DeLand Craft & Quilt Show
SPA (Stetson Parent Association) Sessions
Classes without Quizzes
Football Scrimmage
Overall variety of athletic events
Stetson on the Green (Bingo, Trivia, Scavenger Hunt..)
CCF Dessert Theatre
An Evening at the Improv
Farewell Brunch
Group Exercise Showcase
6. What was your most enjoyable event? What made it enjoyable?
7. How likely are you to attend Friends & Family Weekend 2013?
8. As we are always looking to improve, please provide any helpful comments or feedback to consider when planning for Friends & Family Weekend 2013.
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