VS 2010 International Survey

1. Visual Studio 2010: Product / Usage


NOTE - In order to improve the quality of Visual Studio we ask you to participate in this survey. The International team is very interested in your opinion so that we can provide you with products and services that better fit your needs. We are not collecting any personal information. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
Answering this survey will take approximately 10 minutes.
Thank you in advance for your input. Your opinion counts!

1. What Country/Region are you located in?
2. Which edition of Visual Studio 2010 are you using the most?
3. Do you use Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server (TFS)?
4. Which language version of Visual Studio 2010 are you using?

Please select 2 (or more) languages only if you are using them on the same PC
5. If you use the English version, please specify why (multiple selection allowed)
6. Do the Regional Settings of your Operating System match your Browser’s Preferred Language?
7. Does the language of Visual Studio match the language of your Operating System?
8. Did you install multiple Language Packs on your Operating System?
9. If you also run Microsoft Office on the machine where Visual Studio is installed, does the language of Office match …
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