MOMS Club Survey

1. How many activities have you attended in the last three months?
2. Please RANK your preferences for activity locations.
Center City – East of Broad
Center City – West of Broad
Queen Village/Bella Vista
South Philly
Northern Liberties/Fishtown
Art Museum/Fairmount
3. Please RANK your preferences for activity times (activities with children, excluding Moms Nights Out).
4. How interested are you in attending activities OUTSIDE the city (e.g. Camden Aquarium, PA Farms, etc)?
5. Please RANK your preferences for types of activities. Use the end of the survey to list additional ideas/suggestions.
Playdates at a member’s house
Playdates at play centers (e.g. Smith Playhouse, etc)
Cultural (e.g. museums, shows)
Lunches / Breakfasts
Craft (e.g. painting ceramics, making valentines)
Reading / Music hours (e.g. library story time)
6. What are you looking for in a MOMS Club?
Online advice & support
Activities to attend with children
Activities to attend without children
7. Please let us know any suggestions or ideas for activities, meet ups, etc.
8. If you do not regularly attend activities can you tell us why?
9. How would you further enhance MOMS Club?
10. Age(s) of you child(ren):
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