Alternative Medicine Questionnaire

1. Have you heard of the Lotus Center?
2. Have you ever had acupuncture?
3. Have you ever had a professional massage?
4. Are you familiar with alternative medicine practices such as acupuncture, massage, cupping, and Chinese herbology?
5. Would you ever be willing to try these practices? Which practice seems most appealing?
6. Which practices would you say you're most unfamiliar with?
7. As a student, would you be more inclined to turn to these alternative medicines (which require no insurance) or go to your medical practitioner (where health insurance isn't a requirement but without it, doctor visits are fairly expensive)?
8. As a student, which percentage off would catch your eye the fastest?
9. What types of alternative stress-relief methods have you tried?
10. As a student, which marketing strategies catch your eye the most?
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