Customer Survey

1. Granola Snacks Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your recent purchase of one of our Granola Snacks products. Please take a couple minutes to complete our satisfaction survey which will help us improve our product.
1. How many times have you purchased (or consumed) a Granola Snacks product in the past 6 months?
2. Which flavors have you tried? (select all the apply):
3. Of those you have tried, which flavor would you consider your most and least favorite?
Favorite FlavorLeast Favorite Favor
4. Do you consider the Granola Snacks product you purchased a "good value" for the amount and quality received in the package?
5. Have you purchased other "granola type" snacks in the past 6 months?
6. If you answered yes to question 5, which company's product did you purchase? (If your answer to question 5 was no, please skip to question 8).
7. How would you compare your Granola Snacks product to the other purchases you made (check all that apply):
Better than Granola SnacksAbout the same as Granola SnacksNot as good as Granola Snacks
Bear Naked
Nature Valley
Special K Granola
8. Which type of retail outlet would you be most likely to purchase a Granola Snacks product?
9. Are there other flavors that you would like for Granola Snacks to consider?
10. Have you visited our facebook page in the past?
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