University Health Services (UHS) Patient Experience Survey

We would like to hear about your last visit to University Health Services. Your feedback will help us to improve our services and ensure we are meeting your needs. This survey is anonymous and should take less than three minutes to complete. Thank you.
1. What was the primary reason for your most recent visit to UHS?
2. Please tell us about your visit.
VerySomewhatA little bitNot at all
How respectful and courteous were the UHS staff?
How clean was the facility?
How understandable was the communication from your healthcare provider?
How satisfied are you with the medical care you received?
3. How long did you wait to see a healthcare provider after you were taken to the exam room?
4. Do you think you had to wait too long?
5. How much time did your healthcare provider spend with you?
6. Do you think your healthcare provider spent enough time with you?
7. Did your healthcare provider explain the reasons for treatment, referrals, or tests that were recommended?
8. Did the UHS staff keep your personal health information private?
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