Trends & Technology Network Meeting - December 6, 2012

Attendance Intentions for December 6, 2012

1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Title
4. Organization
5. E-mail Address
6. Do you plan to attend the Trends & Technology Network meeting on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at Luther Manor in Wauwatosa?
7. This meeting will focus on trends and technology (not EHR/EMR). Please list up to three specific issues or topics related to trends and technology that you are interested in discussing at the December 6, 2012 meeting of the Trends & Technology Network.
8. Do you have a specific problem related to trends and technology on which you would like to get input from your peers at the December 6, 2012 network meeting? If so, please give a brief description of this problelm. We will get to as many of these issues as time permits during our case study discussion.
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