Teacher Recruitment Day


Teacher Recruitment Day will be held on Tuesday, March 26, in the Mabry-Smith-Yonce Center at Presbyterian College. The time is set for 10:00 AM - 2:45 PM.

Space for this event is limited.

1. We are happy to have you on-campus to recruit quality students. Please take just a few moments to register.
2. Please provide a back-up email address.
3. Web Address:
4. Candidates will be missing a day of student teaching in order to participate in this event. The day will be set up with networking throughout the day unless a district has specifically requested space to conduct one-on-one interviews during the afternoon.
Special EdELASocial StudiesScienceMathArtMusicPE
Early Childhood
Middle School
High School
5. List any additional areas needed:
6. We will share the areas needed and districts attending with all candidates prior to their arrival on event day, so pre-registration is essential.

Assigned interviews will not be held this year - because of the large number of candidates, each college will be limited to an hour for networking with district representatives.
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