StartUp Health Survey for Diabetes Patients

Question 1

valdiating our problem-----Yes/No is kid/teen compliance an issue
1. What challenges do kids/teens have manage their diabetes (meds/exercise)?
2. What challenges do parents face to get kids/teens to manage their diabetes (meds, exercise, etc.)?
3. If you could see your kid/teens health activity, would that be valuable to a you?
Very ValuableValuableNeutralNot that ValuableNot valuable at all
4. If you had a way to easily record your blood sugar, meals (upload a pic), and exercise to manage your diabetes, would that be valuable?
Very ValuableValuableNeutralNot that valuableNot valuable at all
5. If you had an app that gave you visibility into your kids/teens health data and helped them mange their health, would that be useful to you?
Very UsefulUsefulSomewhat usefulNot that usefulNot useful at all
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