PDA Questions

ebrary is developing a Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) service for the purchase of e-books. PDA is a model for the purchase of content whereby MARC records are downloaded to your library catalog and purchases are automatically triggered after a certain amount of preview use by your patrons.

The questions in this survey are designed to help us understand your views about Patron Driven Acquisition and to take into account your needs as we develop this new service.

For more information on ebrary, please go to www.ebrary.com.

1. Organization Type:
2. FTE (full-time equivalent):
3. Number of Titles in Library Catalog: (please enter an approximate number without commas or other punctuation)
4. State (if you are located outside the U.S., please select "Not applicable"):
5. Country:
6. Email address (if you wish to be contacted for further comments):
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