TPSD Parent Survey/Needs Assessment March 2014

1. Parent Survey/Needs Assessment 2013-2014

Please read the following statements carefully and mark "yes," "no," or "don't know." We value your input and thank you in advance for your time.
1. What school does your child attend?
2. I received a copy of the TPSD Parental Involvement Policy this school year.
3. I received a copy of my child's School Parental Involvement Policy this school year.
4. I received a copy of the Parent/Teacher/Student Compact for this school year.
5. I attended an Open House Meeting at my child's school this school year.
6. I have been invited to a parent/teacher conference this school year.
7. I am aware that parents participate in writing the School Improvement Plan at my schild's school.
8. My child's school sends regular communication home in the form of calendars, newsletters, and/or parent notes.
9. My child attends a Title I school.
10. I feel welcome when I enter my child's school.
11. My phone calls and notes to the school and teachers are answered promptly.
12. I know how to help my child with his/her homework.
13. I have been invited to my child's school for parent nights, parent meeting, and/or parent training.
14. I feel comfortable speaking to my child's teacher(s) and principal.
15. My child's teacher(s) keeps me informed about how my child is performing academically in school.
16. I receive progress reports, report cards, and test papers regularly from my child's teacher(s).
17. My child's teacher(s) gives me ideas about how I can help my child to do his/her best.
18. I am satisfied with my child's progress in school this year.
19. As a parent, I like my child's school.
20. I feel my child is safe at school.
21. My child's school has an active Parent Teacher Club (PTC, PTA, PTO).
22. I feel that parents help to make decisions at my child's school.
23. Please feel free to write any comments below.
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