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1. Which country do you live in?
2. How many people in your company use an SCM system? (include both active contributors and observers)
3. Which SCM system do you use most often at work?
4. If it were up to you, which SCM system would you use all the time?
5. What attributes of an SCM system are important to you?
Not Important at AllA Nice to HaveMildly ImportantImportantCan't Live Without It
Ease of Use
Distrubuted Version Control System
Centralized Version Control System
Subtree Permissions
Support for Branching
Support for Complex Merges
Graphical User Interface
Windows User Interface
Integration with Issue Management
Integration with Build Systems
Hooks and Scripting
6. For the following general benefits of SCM systems, which method is better - an SCM solution that is hosted on the internet by a 3rd party or an SCM system that is installed on your own servers?
Installed is much betterInstalled is a little betterInstalled and Hosted are equally goodHosted is a little betterHosted is much better
Ease of Use
Reliability and Support
Fork and Merge
Code Sharing
Integration with Other Apps
Continuous Integration
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