Milford Recreation Planning Survey

1. Are you aware Milford offers many recreational areas and programs?
2. Which of the following best describes how often you use any of Milford's recreational offerings?
3. If you do not use any of Milford's current recreational facilities, what is the reason? Select all that apply.
4. Which Milford recreational areas do you or your family use? Select all that apply.
5. Please indicate all that apply in regards to your use at Milford's recreational facilities.
6. Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeN/A
Recreation is an important part of my life.
The recreational areas in Milford meet my recreational needs.
The recreational programs and activities meet my needs.
It is important that Milford improve current recreational areas.
The quality of the Milford recreational areas I use are excellent.
It is important for Milford to build/provide new facilities to meet current and future demand
7. Please indicate the importance of the following features of Milford recreational areas.
Not ImportantImportantVery ImportantN/A
Improvement in restroom availability.
Additional parking.
Development of a senior center
Expansion of trails
Improvement of baseball/softball fields
Improvement of soccer fields
Improvement or expansion of playgrounds
Improvement and expansion of winter activities
Improvement and expansion of water areas and access to water areas
8. Please rank the following on how you would allocate budget resources in Milford. Number 1 being the most important to you and number 4 being the least important to you. If other, please list what it is.
Building a Community/Senior Center
Expanding new outdoor recreational areas/facilities
Expanding new indoor recreational areas/facilities
Providing recreation programs and activities
9. Please rank the following on what you feel would be the best ways to raise funds to improve or develop recreational opportunities in Milford. Number 1 being the most important to you and number 5 being the least important to you. If other, please list what it is.
User fees/gate admissions
Property taxes
New development impact fees
Vehicle registrations/dog licenses
10. What types of recreational improvements or developments would you like to see most? For the purpose of this survey, a program is a reoccurring event and an activity is a one-time event. Select all that apply.
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