Copy of Parkway Physiotherapy Clinic April 2010

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1. How long did it take you to get to the clinic?
2. How did you hear about the clinic?
3. How was your contact with the clinic?
ExcellentVery GoodQuiteSomewhatMust have been a busy day
Was the staff courteous and helpful?
Was it easy to find the clinic?
Do you have a better understanding of your injury?
Was your treatment plan explained adequately?
Did you find your therapist easy to talk to?
Was your overall experience satisfactory?
4. How did you find the environment
Did you find the clinic welcoming?
Was the clinic clean?
Was the clinic temperature comfortable for you?
5. What service(s) have we provided for you?
6. Do you receive our bimonthly newsletter?
(If unsure please add to your safe list so that messages are not deleted or filtered as spam)
7. What have you enjoyed most and least about the newsletter?
8. Do you have any specific ideas that might improve the value of our newsletter?
9. How could we make your experience better?

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