Request for EOPS Tutoring Services

OUR GOAL: EOPS Tutoring Services aims to encourage EOPS students to develop and maintain academic proficiency in their current DVC courses through on-campus one-on-one tutoring.

**EOPS has limited number of tutors and cannot guarantee that your request will be filled.**
1. TUTORING GUIDELINES: After you have read and understood each statement, provide your initial in the box below.

-Tutoring assistance will only be provided for courses currently taken at DVC.
-Tutors may tutor a student up to two (2) hours in a course per week.
-Tutoring sessions can only be conducted in EOPS approved locations on the DVC campus.
-Tutoring sessions are conducted in 1 hour minimum time intervals during EOPS office hours. Please check with the EOPS office for the current hours of operation.
-I authorize EOPS to release my contact information to a potential tutor.
The tutoring coordinator and your assigned tutor will use this information to contact you regarding tutoring schedule. Please be sure to update this information as needed.
2. Please choose one:
3. Semester Requested (i.e. Fall 2013, Spring 2014...)
4. DVC ID#
5. Last Name
6. First Name
7. Please provide at least one phone number:
**Your tutor may also contact you via your DVC InSite email address. Please be sure to check your DVC InSite email on a regular basis.**
8. Requested Course(s) and Course Instructor(s)
(ex: CHEM 108 - Smith)
9. Indicate the period(s) of time that you will be available for tutoring. (Ex: Monday 9am-12pm)
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