Champion - National Bullying Prevention Month

1. CHAMPIONS - 2014

Champions help raise awareness of bullying prevention. Nonprofits, schools, and community groups are eligible to submit the names of their organization, which will be posted to, along with links to their sites and an overview of their bullying prevention efforts.
1. List name of your school or organization that is participating with events, activities, classroom education, etc. during National Bullying Prevention Month
2. If you would like a link from the page to your web site, please provide your web site URL.
3. Please provide a contact name, address with city, state, and zip, and a contact email and phone number.
4. List any additional information about activities or events that your organization in doing in connection with National Bullying Prevention Month. This information will also be posted to web page.
5. How did you hear about PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center?
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