Baltimore ARG Feedback Survey

1. Would you participate in a Baltimore-based alternate reality game (arg)?
2. What are your experiences with ARGs?
3. How often do you participate in community activities
Regularly (1)23456789Never (10)
4. How much history do you want in an ARG?
Complete Fiction (1)2Mostly Fiction, mentions of the past (3)45Historical Fiction (ex. Poe started the resistance) (6)78History with a small bit of fictional plot (9)10Pure History (ex. Walk through the shoes of Congress as they were here during the Revolutionary War) (11)
5. What type of community organization would you want?
6. Would you want the ARG to be more physical (dead-drops, hidden clues, etc.), or electronic? (Solving puzzles, looking up websites etc.)
All physical (1)234All electronic (5)
7. Would you like this to be more friendly to kids? (ex. easier puzzles, "Connect the dots to show the next clue") Or harder and more complicated?
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