2012 Elite Video Talent Team

Powder Blue Productions is scouting for fresh, talented, and passionate fitness professionals to cast in future Turbo Kick®, PiYo™, and hip hop HUSTLE™ videos. Whether you are new to Powder Blue Productions or have been with us since the beginning, you just might be our next star! We are casting unique talent for each of our programs. If selected, you would become a representative of our programs and will need to complete format training and begin teaching one or more of our formats within six months.

After completing the application form you will be redirected to final form to submit your YouTube video URL and pay a $25 processing fee - you must complete both the application and the payment form completely to be reviewed, Partial applications will not be considered.
Provide the following information
What Formats Do You Currently Teach and How Many Years
Attended All-Star Presenter Camp? If Yes What Rank
Social Media Info, Please provide links for your accounts.
Personal Data
Personal Data Continued
Have you been in a video before?
When and What?
What makes you “stand-out” in your favorite format?
Have you done any public speaking?
How did you do?
How do your students describe you as an instructor?
How do you describe yourself on-camera?
Do you have charisma?
How do you know?
Explain a time you were given criticism about your teaching ability or appearance. How did you handle it?
Imagine we are running late on filming (4 hours behind). What would be your biggest worry?
What area(s) are you already aware that you are weak in or need additional training?
Imagine you are not selected, what do you think would be the reason?
What makes you the perfect candidate?
Do you have the ability and desire to become a star?
What makes you nervous in front of a camera?
Do you see yourself in the front or back row on the video?
Why do you believe you would be an excellent member for Elite Video Talent Team?
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