Sustainability Pledge 2014

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is about humanity and the environment being in balance over time. This requires both conservation and innovation so future generations can enjoy life on a healthy planet.
I Pledge to Use Less Energy by (check all that apply):
I Pledge to ReUse by (check all that apply):
Image as described above
The FreeUse Store
I Pledge to Reduce Waste by (check all that apply):
Image as described above
One of Bard's landfill, single-stream recycling and FreeUse disposal stations!
I Pledge to Engage by (check all that apply):
Image as described above
Corinna Cape class of 2015 and Environmental Studies Administrator Tom O'Dowd tracking eels on the Sawkill
What does sustainability mean to you?
If you have any other ideas or comments, let us know here. If you signed up to learn more about the EcoRep program, let us know your residence hall:
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*511NY is a state-operated rideshare service implemented to help you save money and the environment. By visiting 511NY (, you can sign up to find people with similar travel destinations and set up a carpool rather than going it alone. Bard's portal is set up for addresses by default. You would over ride the system to match with non Bard addresses.
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