Survey of Library Cafes and Food Service

1. How to Participate

Primary Research Group ( is publishing a new report on food in the library. The report covers library restaurants and cafes, as well as vending machines, carts and kiosks. Participants receive a free PDF copy of the report. The survey consists of approximately 40 questions and should be filled out by an individual knowledgeable about the library's food service operations, such as the library cafe director.

Participants are listed in the report; our reports are sold primarily to libraries and colleges. Data is confidential and is not presented for individual participants, but is aggregated into broad categories.


Public, special and academic libraries are eligible to participate. We ask you to make a good faith effort to answer all questions that pertain to your library, but you must answer at least 75% to receive a free copy. Thoughtful estimates are acceptable if actual statistics are not available in the form sought by the question.

More than 1,000 college, public and special libraries have participated in our surveys.
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