Student Information and Learning Contract - PR-F13

PLEASE COMPLETE BY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28. This information will help me to communicate with you effectively and schedule any meetings at times convenient to you. I also want to be aware of your career goals and your interests in taking this course and, where appropriate, to draw upon your own prior education and experience.
1. Name
2. How would you like me to refer to you in class?
3. What is your street address?
4. What is your preferred phone number if I need to contact you?
5. At what email address would you like to be contacted?
6. Are you a full time or part-time student?
7. Anticipated graduation date:
8. Name of your undergraduate institute and major(s):
9. Please describe any non-law graduate work:
10. Describe any full-time jobs since college:
11. Future career plans:
12. CLASS SCHEDULE: Please select from the grid below the time slots for all of your classes.
13. Please list any other time commitments that occur on weekly basis indicating the day(s) and hours (e.g. Lexis/Westlaw hours, off campus job)
14. Why did you pick this particular section of Professional Responsibility?
15. What in particular do you hope to learn in this course?
16. During some classes I will select students to play the role of a lawyer or client in a simulation in front of the class. Please select one of the following responses:
17. Other comments or requests such as sight, hearing or other limitations that you want me to know about?
18. Learning Contract. You must agree to each of the following in order to participate in this class:
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