ASLA State Advocacy Priorities Survey

State Advocacy Issues

ASLA is committed to supporting its 49 chapters as they work to influence public policy in all 50 states and DC. As ASLA Chapters prepare for 2014, ASLA wants to hear from you on the issues that matter to landscape architects in your state. This survey is intended to provide data that help guide future Chapter advocacy efforts and identify potential volunteers to develop and implement an advocacy plan for your chapter.

Remember, this survey is intended to help ASLA chapters shape public policy at the state level. In early 2014, you will have the opportunity to help shape ASLA’s federal priorities.

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1. Please rank all of the following STATE advocacy issues in order of importance to your ASLA Chapter (1 signifies the most important issue).
Historic landscape preservation
water & stormwater management
Ability to compete with allied professions for procurement/QBS
Transportation design & planning
Disaster recovery
Licensure/ Deregulation of Licensure
Codes/ordinances and other policies that restrain/promote the practice of landscape architecture
Climate change mitigation/adaptation
business (taxes, liability, professional corporations)
Design for active living
Parks and recreation
2. List any other STATE advocacy issues not listed in Question 1 that are important to your chapter.
3. What STATE advocacy issues most impact employment opportunities for landscape architects in your state? (Choose up to 3 issues).
4. List STATE programs that you or your firm have accessed to fund projects (e.g., grants, economic development, transportation, etc.). Please be as specific as possible.
5. I use the ASLA Advocacy Network and respond to alerts:
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